MODIFIT 9 plus 1: Pants

Pants from SmartFit Apparel are manufactured to stay comfy and easy to manage. Pants are produced to stay straight even after a rough wash. sidelines on the pants are lined permanently so it will not wrinkle up and disappear after the wash. Lowering the tendency of it crumpling up after the wash. Simply wash it and have it straighten out on its own

Stretchable men's pants from modiFit

Modifit Men's pants feature a slim-fit design that is suited to fit the modern men slim look. No more shaggy, baggy pants for your work wear. We, at modiFit, also understand how much your pants need to adapt to your posture and how much it can affect you if it becomes overly tight at certain postures. Therefore, modiFit pants allows space for expansion and contraction up to 1-2inches based on the wearer current posture and waistline. Cut it slim, fit it to show others how much your look can change overall with the new modiFit stretchable pants.