MODIFIT 9 plus 1: Shirts

Shirts of the highest quality

Shirts from SmartFit Apparel are made of the highest quality in Fabric material and it brings out the comfort in the person whoever wears the clothing. Using the absolute best techniques in fabric sewing, every piece of shirts are sewed and stringed to perfection. Having also every piece of our shirts QC passed and checked by quality assuarance specialist, possibility of our shirts bearing problems to our users are brought down to the minimum.

Shirts From ModiFit

ModiFit is the first Flagship series of brand produced by SmartFit Apparel and it features a special unique feature of being able to change its overall look simply by changing its collar and sleeve area. Each single piece of clothing will be applicable to match with 9 other different styles of collar and sleeve.



Modifit detacheable/changeable collar(Above) makes it easy to customize your own image to edit your own fashion preferences. All shirts are completely customizable to fit the individual taste.


Save time ironing your shirts with the collar magnetic strips(Left). Coupled with an in-built magnetic button on the inner collar piec, your collar gets the professional look it deserves.